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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kegemaran Yang Sama

belajar menyelam.. tp hampeh.. berat giler tong oksigen kt belakang

Pulau Mabul... canteks kannn

ni Pulau Sibuaan

Sebenarnya.. ini yg aku nak cerita..

I've got an email from my x-student...(Year 6)

salam and slamat hari raya all...i just went back home from Gemia island in terengganu,its totally behind pulau kapas!! to all who have been to pulau kapas,try pulau gemia..its like fab!!check in google if you think that this island sounds totally crazy..

anyway, i went there 4 three days and went kayak-ing,island hopping,making sandcastles and snorkeling.very fun.except for 1 thing.....do you guys noe...SEA CUCUMBER??it is like the grossest thing.it looks like an oversized leech covered with sand.

i found nemo and corals and dory and ikan bilis like fish when snorkeling.totally amazing.and after looking at the pretty waters that aint poluted there,even looking at totally clean water makes me think its dirty...sorry i dont have pictures...but when i do...i am sure to let u guys see.and to some relatives who r going to see this email, i am very confident that my mom will let u see it sooner or later.

dan aku....

sangat la excited bila baca emel ni sbb aku paham sangat apa yg anak murid aku alami.. Sangat menakjubkan... dan aku kagum pada ciptaanNYA..

dan.. aku macam teringin sangat2 nk island vacation lg... bila nie.. lama da xberendam di lautt..

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