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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burung Tempatan yang Tiada Nama Melayu..

Pelik kan.. selalunya setiap burung tempatan ada nama masing-masing. tapi burung ini memang tiada nama Melayu nya.. dipetik dari 'The New Sunday Times April 15, 2007'.. di bawah ni ada gambar spesies macam itik ni. amek kat internet..

Burung ini dipanggil the little Grebe.

The Little Grebe is a small duck-like waterbird which can be found in water ponds at Janda Baik.(http://www.mns.org.my/artstate.php?aid=424).

Local Bird With No Local Name Found!

There is an interesting little aquatic bird that has no Malay name. According to the villagers the local name of this bird is Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis). The majority of the villagers say it is the chick or the young of the "Belibis" or Whistling Teal (Dendrocynia javanica).

At a distance, the Little Grebe appears like a little duck but on closer examination, it has a pointed bill. The bird is almost tailless. It does not have webbed feet like ducks too.

Each toe has an independent leaf-like paddle. The Little Grebe is mostly seen single or in pairs in former mining pools, espeacially in the Klang Valley, Paya Indah Wetlands and Batang Berjuntai in Selangor, Malim Nawar and Kinta Valley in Perak.

They are also found in shallow artificial lakes like Timah Tasoh in Perlis. This little aquatic bird is an excellent swimmer and diver. In fact, it dives some 600 to 1 000 times a day in search of food or plants materials for nest-building. It feeds mainly on aquatic insects and larvae, fish and frogs. The relationships of mature pairs are xemplary as they share all the chores of house-keeping and parental care of the young till they fledge.

Adapted from 'The New Sunday Times' April 15, 2007